Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little graphic for weak stomaches

On March 24th I was staying at my sister in laws house watching my niece and nephew while my in laws were in Vegas. Well I had all three kids in the car and I took my niece to her dance practice so me Zoey and Tytan waited in the car while she danced. Once she was done and I got everyone all buckled up I put the car in reverse and rolled up Zoey's window and I heard the most painful scream I have ever heard come from Zoey! I looked back and saw I rolled her finger up in the window and so I rolled it down and got out to see what the damage was which I didn't think would be too bad because I have rolled mine up when I was younger but I was way wrong it was a mess, blood everywhere and her finger looked like the tip was going to fall off!!! I went into panic mode and for everyone who knows me I have a weak stomach when it comes to blood so I am so thankful that one of the moms who's little girl dances with Myameerae ran over to help. I almost passed out so I am so happy she was helping with Zoey until I got my nerves under control! Next she took all the kids for me while I ran Zoey up to the Emergency room thank goodness they could get us right in and there was not a wait! We had X-rays done on her finger and they had a plastic surgeon come in who works on hands and he told us she broke her growth plate in her finger and the plate popped threw her nail bed and they would have to sedate Zoey so they could clean it out place the growth plate back in place and stitch the sides of her finger where the skin tore. Also since she tore her nail bed they had to remove her finger nail and place it back in it's original place so the new nail would hopefully grow back in the correct placement so they sewed her fingernail back on her finger! The hand surgeon was amazing and we were so thankful they had him come in to take care of her! We had to have a finger splint on for 6 weeks until the break was healed. Here are some pictures of her poor finger. Yesterday we took her to her last check up appointment and she doesn't have to wear the splint anymore and everything looks like it is healing great, her nail fell off and the doc said it might take about a year for a new normal nail to grow back so lets hope I didn't leave her with a crippled finger for the rest of her life! I felt like the worst mom ever and who would have guessed rolling her finger up would do that so always check to make sure there are no little fingers in the way before you roll the window up!!!

This is after it happened up at the ER, I am not too sure what was sticking out of the cut but it was disgusting!!!

This was 1 week after the accident, still swollen and icky.

This was last week after her nail fell off, lets hope her finger grows a new nice nail and it looks normal again!

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