Monday, November 1, 2010

our little dancer

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged I always forget to get online and update it!
We just got Zoey in dance and she loves it, she is in the tiny Jazz class of 3 and 4 year olds. She is so dang cute and I can't wait for her first dance performance. She is pretty good but she has a short attention span she likes to dance to her own drum and she talks through the whole class I always tell her to keep quite and listen to the teacher but she likes to drive the teacher nuts with questions and ideas, I feel bad but at the same time it cracks me up! Here are a couple pics of her first day!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bowling Party

For Zoey's 3rd birthday party we took her bowling with some of our family! I was worried about her and some of the other little kids and bowling but they did great and had so much fun! I still can't believe Zoey is already 3 she has grown up so fast and we are so thankful to have such an amazing girl!

Kissy Face!!!

Josh and our nephew Tytan.

Uncle Damian and Summer

Cute little Emery

Disney on Ice

For Zoey's birthday I took her to Disney on ice with Neely and my niece Myameerae. They were showing The Lion King, Cars, Little mermaid and Tinkerbell, these are some of Zoey's favorite shows so she loved seeing them on ice! Here are some cute pics of the girls!

The girls trying to catch the confetti.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My baby girl is 3

Wow I can't believe tomorrow is going to be Zoey's birthday and she is going to be 3! It is crazy to think that just three years ago I was laying in a hospital bed with 40 hours of labor before having a emergency c-section to have this amazing little girl! I figured with how stubborn she was on not coming out that she would be stubborn once she got here but we were completely wrong. Zoey is so amazing, she is funny, smart, patient, well behaved and beautiful. We couldn't ask for a better little girl and I could go on and on about how wonderful she is! We love you so much baby girl and we hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

Here are some of her birthday pictures.

Here is me waiting for Zoey to make her late arrival.

Wow look at all that black hair, she is the most adorable little newborn.

Here is Zoey's 1st birthday, she has changed so much.

Her 2nd birthday party, look at those curls.

Zoey is 3

Her new favorite pose, she is such a cutie!

No more curls but cuter than ever!
Happy Birthday Zoey!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Couples survey

What are your middle names?
Joshua Dale
Sasha Nichole
How long have you been together?7 1/2 years together and Married for 5 on April 23rd!
How long before you knew each other before you started dating?
We knew each other for 5 months before we were official but we hung out everyday and I stayed at his place every night! It is crazy to think I slept over every night and we didn't even kiss until 4 months of hanging out! I like to play hard to get ;)
Who asked who out?
He asked me out!
Whose siblings do you see the most?
We see my brother more because his brother lives in Elko!
Do you have children together?
Yes one beautiful little girl named Zoey, she is such a little doll!
Did you go to the same school?
Who is more sensitive?
I am, I get my feelings hurt easily
Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Chili's or Cafe Rio
Favorite Vacations?
Mexico, we have been there three times together and we love Las Vegas!
Who has the worst temper?
Both of us!
Who does the cooking?
Me...Josh could burn water!
Who is more social?
Josh, he can make friends with anymore!
Who is the neat freak?
Neither of us, our house is clean but we are not organized.
Who is the most stubborn?
Me, I like to get my way.
Who hogs the bed?
Zoey...haha when she does sleep with us, but I would have to say me, Josh is always on the edge of the bed and I am in the middle.
Who wakes up earlier?
Josh does
Where was your first date?
The Mayan and a movie! We saw Men in black 2.
Who has the bigger family?
We both have one brother but his brother has two kids so Josh's is.
Do you get flowers often?
Sometimes, I just got some for Valentines Day! They are beautiful lilies!
Who eats more?
Who sings better?
Neither of us
Who does the laundry?
Me, I don't think Josh has done one load of laundry in the past year haha but I don't mind since I get to stay home with Zoey during the day.
Who is better with the computer?
Who drives when you are together?
We take turns, I drive during the day and Josh does at night.
Who picks when you go to dinner?
We both do.
Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?
Me, cause Josh never thinks he is wrong haha ;)
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
I would say me
Who eats more sweets?
Josh, he is a candy monster.
Who cries more?
Me, I could cry in every movie, I am a cry baby.
What's you best day together?
All the days but Mondays is my most favorite, it is Josh's day off and we make breakfast together and have all day to hang out and play with Zoey! It is our family day!
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Riviera Maya, Mexico
First date night?
A movie :)
Favorite TV shows to watch together?
not much Josh hates tv shows so I would have to say football when the Utes play or durning NFL Season.

Monday, February 15, 2010

So far...

This is what the room looked like when Josh left for work!

I think I did a pretty good job on taping off the room and getting straight paint lines!

And this is what he came home too!

Well here is my work so far! Now I gotta get vinyl designs for her walls made, below are the designs she will have on her walls. My friend Amanda has her own company so she is making them for me, I am so excited to see how they turn out! She is making me a five foot tree for one wall and three bird cages for another and we are going to make a bunch of pink birds for the walls that match her comforter! I can't wait!!!

The leaves on the trees are going to be pink instead of green!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New change for Zoey's room!

So I am feeling the need for a change...I was hoping the next room I would be decorating would be a new baby nursery but Josh is not ready for another baby so I am going to move Zoey's room into the toy room since it has white walls and start from scratch and have a blast painting it the way I want, (a black accent wall) hehe I am sure Josh will love that!!! I found this baby nursery online and I love the colors and decor so I am going to copy a lot of stuff from it and I found this bed set from Target that matches the room! What do you think?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Years!

For New Years we went down to Mesquite, it was a nice weekend away! The weather was almost 60 everyday and that was such a nice break from this cold weather! We went swimming in the heated pool everyday. I am so proud of Zoey, she is finally kicking around and swimming with water wings on by herself, great job baby girl!