Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me, Jess and the girls!

Jessica my cousin and I have had so much fun so far this summer, we are determined to get the girls together at least once a week and take them out and have some fun, NO bumming around at home this summer we have to get out of the house! here are a few pics of our fun play dates!

The girls loved the aquarium, but they refused to touch the sting rays!!!

We took them to the Discovery place at Gateway, this is such a fun place, it reminds me of the children's museum I used to go to when I was little!

I am so happy to have my cousin Jess so close to me, we have so much fun together and it is nice knowing our girls get along so good and love each other!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zoey's surgery

On Friday we took Zoey to Primary Children's Hospital to have tubes put in her ears and to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out. Her tonsils are so big that when she sticks her tongue out they touch! When we checked into the hospital they gave her cute little scrubs to change into and then gave her a type of Valium for kids to relax her before they took her into surgery. Wow I can't believe how fast that kicked in, we were in the play area and she started to walk all funny and slumped over. We had to watch her very closely because she was so loopy. She started drooling and kept touching her nose, it was so hard not to laugh but it was so funny seeing Zoey so mellow and out of it because she has so much energy. Finally the nurse came in and we put Zoey in a wagon and we walked her as far as they would let us go and we gave her kisses goodbye. When I kissed her goodbye she said "Bye mama I love you" it was way too cute and she let them pull her in the wagon away from us with no fuss, thank goodness for that medicine to calm her!!! A half an hour later they called us back to the post op room and I went back to comfort her while she was waking up. Zoey was freaking out because she had an IV in her arm and she wanted it out so they had to wrap her arm all up so she wouldn't rip it out! It is crazy, we found out that they use lasers to remove the tonsils and cauterize the wound shut so there is no bleeding and no stitches which is great!!! Once she kept fluids down for a hour we got to take her home, it was so nice to know everything went great and we we finally got this over with! You did a great job Zoey and we hope this will help with all the past problems~

Zoey watching a movie, not knowing what was coming!

we only had our camera from our phones so the pictures are not the best!

On our way home, she was zonked out!