Monday, March 23, 2009

Today was Zoey's two year old check up, so she got the regular stuff done plus we found out her sickness is just a virus going around so hopefully she can get rid of her cough soon! She also has an ear infection in both ears, what a bummer, this is her ninth one! I didn't even realize she had one, she has not had one since Oct. so we thought we were in the clear but now we have to have her take antibiotics again and if it does not clear up getting tubes will be a consideration.
Zoey is 34 1/2 inches long (75% tile) and 27.1 lbs (60% tile) so she is skinny and tall which is great, hopefully she will be taller than me one day, it sucks being short. She only had to have one shot today which was very good and we don't have another checkup until she turns three!
Zoey passed all the things that a two year old should be doing which is great! She is walking up and down the stairs without crawling and holding onto the railing, she can jump with both feet off the ground, she can dress and undress herself and she is starting to talk up a storm, her favorite things to say is "How are you doing" and she shakes your hand, and "Oh MAN", she is super cute! After her shot she was treated with a sticker and a sucker, she was much happier once she got those!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zoey's Birthday

So I am a little slow on this post because we have been so busy and Zoey has been very sick. On Friday the 20th it was Zoey's 2nd birthday! I can't believe she is two already, the second year flew by and it is so crazy to see how much she has changed and grown! Zoey is the silliest little girl and she has the cutest little personality but she also has a temper....terrible twos are really terrible like they say, but it is all worth it.

Here are some pictures on how much she has changed over the last two years. I love this girl so much and I am so thankful to have such a healthy beautiful amazing little girl, and we can't wait to see how much more she is going to change this year. We love you baby girl and happy birthday!!!

Our beautiful girl was born at 6:52pm on March 20th 2007

Zoey's first birthday!

Poor little Zoey was so sick on her 2nd birthday, all she wanted to do is lay down and sleep, I got a couple pictures of her relaxing!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crazy Sleeper

The other night we were at our friends house and the kids fell asleep so we decided to get in the hot tub, well Josh had to be to work early the next day so he decided to go lay by Zoey while we all got in. When we got out I went into the room to wake him up so we could go home and This is what I found!

Zoey is such a crazy sleeper she cannot stay in one spot, she is known to fall out of her bed many times too because she moves around so much. The funniest thing about this is that Josh didn't even feel her foot go into his face, what a deep sleeper!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Zoey's birthday party!

This Saturday we had Zoey's birthday party with our family and all of her little friends that she loves so much! It turned out so great, it was so nice outside so we were able to play outside with her new toys! Grandma and Grandpa Lira, Uncle Damian and Aunt Summer got her a swing set and some other cute stuff, her grandma and grandpa Hammond got her a little play house and Aunt NeNe and Uncle Beau got her a sand box with all the fun toys to use in it! It was so fun seeing her play with all her friends, she is so big!!! we had a sponge bob theme party because Zoey is in love with that show. Zoey did a lot better with the cake this year she loved it and ate the whole piece unlike her first birthday she freaked out having frosting on her hands and wouldn't eat it! Thanks to everyone who came and for the cute stuff she got you all did way to much! Here are some cute pictures of her fun night!!!

Zoey's actual birthday is this Friday the 20th so their will be more pictures to come! Happy early birthday Zoey, we love you!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best friends!

Here is the cutest picture of Zoey and her little best bud Madison. Madi is my best friends little girl that I watch everday! It is great having her over so Zoey has someone to play with, they are so cute together and Zoey just loves her! Zoey turns two March 20th and Madi turns one on March 27th so they share really close birthdays too! I love these little girls!