Thursday, October 30, 2008

Picking out Pumpkins!

Kristen and I took the girls to the Pumpkin stand to pick out some pumpkins to carve and to hopefully get some cute pictures of the girls in their costumes... all I can say is Zoey does not know how to cooperate. I took so many pictures and I only got a few good ones, she is such a drama queen and does not want her picture taken. She is a cute little butterfly and Madison is a pumpkin fairy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Circus

Thursday night Josh got us tickets to the circus, it was so much fun taking Zoey and for the most part she loved it, I still think she is a little bit to young but next year will be perfect. Her favorite part was the elephant act, they were so cute! Here are a few pictures of our fun night.

A night out with the girls.

So last week I got a text from my friend Kami saying our friend Erin was in town and wanted to go to dinner, so we all met at Olive garden, I was so excited to see Erin because I have not seen her since her baby Shower. So not only did Erin come but she surprised us with Amy our friend that we have not seen in over two years! It was so great that we could get together since we have all been friends since Jr. High! I love these girls so much!!!! Amy now has two kids, a girl named Elsa and a boy named Jax, Erin has a little girl named Harley, Kristen has a girl named Madison and I have Zoey, wow I can't believe we are moms! Come on Kaycee and Kami jump on the band wagon, lol. There was one friend missing that was part of our group of girlfriends, Brennan and her daughter maren, hopefully we can all get together again and she can be there! Here is a picture of us girls!

Kami, Amy, Erin, Harley, Kristen, Madison, Me, Zoey and Kaycee